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Life's Purpose (Heart) | Mary's Moments Blog Post

What is my life purpose?


I believe our life purpose – each and every one of us is to be HAPPY.


We tend to create this idea that our life’s purpose is a career and it is not. 


All things done in love is purpose and if you live your life with love in your heart – you are being purposeful and if you’re living from love and with love in your heart all the choices and decisions that you make in your life will be in alignment with you sharing your gifts and authenticity with the world.


You cannot allow your life’s purpose to be limited by the title of your business or the title of your career - because it is far beyond that.


I believe that our life purpose can express through our career and our career can support our life purpose but it can never fully represent it because our life’s purpose is ultimately just to align to the energy of love and happiness.


When you do that, the truth is you never want to do it alone.  It’s an infectious quality that you want to share with everyone everywhere you go


And that’s ultimately what I feel it means to be of purpose, to fulfill your purpose - to connect – to share your love and your happiness with others. 


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