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Family Day: Finding the Squirrels and Connection

Family Day is all about showing love and appreciation for our families. This holiday is one of the most important on the calendar because it reminds us how valuable our families are.

This special day started as a way to give everyone a chance to spend time with their loved ones. To take a break from the busy stuff and just enjoy being together. You don't need a lot of money to celebrate. Simple things like baking, going for a walk, or sharing stories are perfect.

Our family loves to go on walks – we often visit conservation areas and hike the trails.  It’s a wonderful time to talk or just enjoy the nature all around.  There is something very therapeutic about being amongst the trees.  Even in the winter time, we walk, talk and look for squirrels.

We can't help but notice the bustling activity of squirrels darting among the trees.  Like these furry creatures, our lives often feel just as busy, filled with endless tasks and responsibilities. Yet, amidst the chaos, squirrels show us a lesson in family devotion. Despite their constant movement, they meticulously care for their young and intricately build their nests, demonstrating the importance of nurturing bonds and creating a safe haven for loved ones.

When we think about why family is so important. They're the people who are always there for us, no matter what. They give us love, support, and make us feel like we belong. Family helps us through tough times and they share in our happiest moments.

On the flip side, family relationships can be complex, and sometimes they can hurt us the most because of the deep emotional ties involved. We may feel let down, misunderstood, or even betrayed by those closest to us. It's okay to acknowledge these feelings.  However, it's often because we care so deeply about our family members that their actions affect us so profoundly. Despite the pain, it's essential to remember that family also has the power to heal and uplift us in ways no one else can. They teach us forgiveness, resilience, and the importance of unconditional love. So, even in moments of hurt, hold onto hope and the belief that with patience and understanding, our family bonds can emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

For some in the sandwich generation, attending the wishes of both our children and aging parents can be a balancing act. While it's important to honor and appreciate our aging parents and extended family, it is crucial to recognize that our immediate family—deserve our attention and care.


Taking moments to be "selfish" with our own “nuclear” family, focusing on their needs and creating lasting memories, is not only acceptable but necessary for our own well-being and the strength of our familial bonds.   Embrace the freedom to prioritize without guilt, knowing that it's an essential part of nurturing our own happiness and harmony within the family unit.


Another consideration is that family comes in many forms, and sometimes, our friends can feel just like family. They're the ones who stand by us through thick and thin, offering unwavering support and understanding. Whether they're friends we've known since childhood or those we've met along life's journey, these bonds can be just as strong, if not stronger, than those of blood relatives. They share in our joys, lift us up during challenges, and fill our lives with laughter and love.


It's important to celebrate the friendships that enrich our lives and remind us that family is not only about biology, but about the connections we choose to nurture and cherish.


This year, I'm celebrating my first Family Day as a grandmother, and it's an incredibly special moment. The arrival of my grandson has filled my heart with an indescribable joy. His laughter, his innocence, and his pure presence have brought a new light into our lives, illuminating every corner of our home. Seeing him grow and flourish reminds me of how truly lucky we are. 


I am also grateful to be a mom and all that entails — laughter and tears, challenges and triumphs. Each experience, whether good, bad, or simply different, has shaped me and taught me invaluable lessons about love, resilience, and the joy of motherhood.


The depth of emotions, the ups and downs of this unique path has led me to truly value the gift of family.


While their presence fills our hearts with joy and love, it's also important to find equilibrium in our lives. Embracing moments with them is precious, but carving out time for ourselves and other aspects of our lives is equally important. It's about creating a rhythm where love flourishes, and personal needs are met.  As we cherish the times we share, we need to also honor the importance of balance, ensuring that our relationships thrive with both love and respect.

I am grateful for the important people in my life and for the time we have together.

Whether you spend time with your children, grandchildren, parents, siblings or close friends, know that enjoying each other's company is a true gift.

In our home, every single day is a new beginning and new memories are made.  Here’s to embracing the love of others while also finding time for self-love.

Wishing You a very Happy Family Day!


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