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Imagine: Disability is Natural | Mary's Moments Blog Post

It shows up pretty consistently in a certain number of the population.

Most of the world does not have a constructive positive view of disability.

But what would happen if the doctors said to you - instead of these ridiculously heart breaking predictions which are so often not true - "look this is the greatest gift you are going to be given - this is the chance for you to become smarter and more inventive then you ever thought you would be"

You are being called to the biggest plate of your life - you are going to understand the meaning of parenthood more than you ever could.

Your are going to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and it's going to be the biggest love affair of your life.

Let's acknowledge your gift and now let's get to work.

Holding Hands Through Disability | Mary's Moments Blog Post


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